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English For Chinese Speakers V2

English for Chinese Speakers

Windows OS: XP, 2000, Vista
Mac: OS 9 ~ OS X

UPC: 714-269-28911-2
ISBN: 1-58070-861-7

Price: $19.98

學英語專輯是專門為講中文的用戶而設計的多媒體英語教學CD片。該教學片採用了新穎的教學方法,容易用,容易學, 使你能在較短時間內通過聽力訓練、口語訓練、翻譯訓練等多種方式來提高聽、說、讀英文的能力。

Language Learning English For Chinese Speakers SE (special edition) package is a 2-CD pack which contains a computer CD-ROM and a digital Audio CD. This 2-CD pack is developed to help English speakers learn to understand, read, and speak English For Chinese Speakers quickly and easily.

This product is a comprehensive language learning system tailored to meet the needs of the novice. There are no phrases to memorize or verbs to conjugate. The language is absorbed gradually through a series of self-guided and easy-to-follow lessons.

After completing all 20 lessons, you'll be on your way to a broad vocabulary for conversing fluently in English.

The fun and easy way to acquire an invaluable skill which can enhance your personal life and career in the privacy of your own home. Learn as much as you want with the click of mouse button - the more you click, the more you will learn.

The Common Topics:

  • Asking Questions
  • Making a Telephone Call
  • Talking about the Weather
  • Using the Postal Services
  • Working with a Calendar
  • Ordering at a Restaurant
  • Inquiring for Directions
  • Traveling Around
  • Counting Money
  • Shopping Anywhere
  • Describing Family Members
  • Reading Street Signs
  •   The "Self-paced CBT" Way:

    In this self-taught, self-paced CBT (computer-based training) system you will learn to read and speak the phrases, sentences, and frequently used expressions. The CD-ROMs come with many new features:

    • A step-by-step guide to master English For Chinese Speakers
    • Over 2000 e-Flash cards to build up your vocabulary
    • A vocabulary builder and a sentence builder that include the scoring features
    • Addtional MP3 sound format files
    • An easy and accessible approach to learn
    • A Self-paced, Self-taught learning system
    • No installation needed. It will auto-run on Mac/PC OS
      The "On the Go" Way:

    This is a companion audio CD to the English For Chinese Speakers interactive CD-ROM. You can use this audio CD to refresh what you learned after using the Language Learning English For Chinese Speakers SE CD-ROMs. The recordings have been specially designed to develop your vocabulary.

    This is also a two-directional audio CD: English - Chinese or Chinese - English. Which means English speakers may use this audio CD to learn Chinese.

    • Select the topics, listen and repeat the phrases and sentences
    • Use the CBT CD-ROM's Vocabulary Builder to test yourself and get a progress report

    The pictures below are screen shots from Language Learning English for Chinese Speakers SE CD-ROM.


    Use interactive e-Flash Cards to learn. Click the e-Flash Card to flip, listen and repeat. The more you click, the more you will learn.



    Use the Vocabulary Builder's Instant scoring feature along with the interactive exercises and quizzes to get a progress report.


    System Requirements:

    This is a Mac/PC Hybrid CD-ROM. For MS Windows OS: A multimedia PC running Windows Me, XP, 2000, NT4, Vista or higher. For Macintosh OS: 9, OS X or higher. a color monitor and a CD-ROM drive.

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