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Language Learning ASL V2 SE

American Sign Language Version 2

Windows OS: XP, 2000, Vista
Mac: OS 9 ~ OS X

UPC: 714-269-01909-2
ISBN: 1-58070-109-4

Price: $19.98

This American Sign Language Version 2- (ASL V2) CD-ROM is the only tool you'll need to master the skills needed for the marvelous language. Containing over 600 commonly used signs, you are sure to learn what you need in the least amount of time possible.

A Self-paced CBT System:
In this self-pace, self-taught computer-based training (CBT edition) system you will gain the ability to communicate with the hearing or speech impaired.

For All Ages:
Together with the accessibility of a dictionary format, ASL is one of the simplest software to use. Each sign is shown with clear, step by step, animations for maximum retainability. Because it is animation, ASL is also fun for children of all ages.

Learning Mode and Testing Mode:
ASL is easy to use and contains Study Room and Exercises Room, featuring a dictionary format of over 600 commonly used signs. Step by step animation and a fully functional test application will maximize your retention and to ensure positive result.

English - Finger Spelling Converter (Translator) Application Included:
Fingerspell is used to spell out words one letter at a time with the manual alphabet. If a sign or a combination of signs can't be found to express an exact thought, fingerspell it. You may use English - Finger Spelling Converter in the CD-ROM to learn, practice, test yourself. When receiving or reading fingerspell, learn to read words in syllables, rather than individual letters. English - Finger Spelling Converter (EFC) will help you grasp the word more quickly. Enjoy yourself with this EFC.

Fun Learning: English - Finger Spelling Converter is on the web:
Click this link English - Fingerspelling Converter (translator) to learn finger spelling on the web.

Main Features:

System Requirements:

This is a Mac/PC Hybrid CD-ROM. For MS Windows OS: A multimedia PC running Windows Me, XP, 2000, NT4, Vista or higher. For Macintosh OS: 9, OS X or higher. a color monitor and a CD-ROM drive.

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